Some of the most important skills to learn in life are simple.


Never confuse

simple with easy!

Resilience is an essential skill in business and in life... because business is hard! There are challenges that are unrelenting. It is not reasonable to expect that your organizational life will be without stress. A resilient person is able to survive and even thrive in challenging times.


Drawing on research done with military, law enforcement, and sports psychology, we can help your organization to strive for excellence amid the real life stress of doing business. In the same way that you studied and trained for your career, it takes regular practice in a disciplined way to gain the psychological edge that brings lasting success.

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A full or half day training can help to jump start your critical teams when they need to work under pressure and still obtain excellent results. We can help you develop the strength to handle the challenges that will make you successful!

What is the purpose of your organization? If you are planning to have sustainable success, your purpose must be more than the maximization of profit. While making a profit is important, businesses that add something of value to the world are much more successful.


Leadership that is authentic and has a clear focus on a bigger value nurtures the best in the workforce and cultivates loyal and engaged customers. We offer executive coaching and consultations with your executive team to help you clarify your vision and develop habits that will sustain your efforts toward that purpose.


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Our 8 session seminars are designed to meet your unique needs and will help your workforce to grow stronger and more resilient. These seminars will increase employee engagement to the purpose that drives your organization. They will become skilled at turning problems into opportunities. And they will be able to work smarter as they identify what is in their control and what is not. Each week they will develop skills in resilience and incorporate these skills in the workplace.  For more information or to schedule your custom designed seminar, click here.



Dr. Weaver offers professional speaking topics that will be beneficial for your next meeting or your association.

Training in Healthy Thinking for your workforce is more than

training in good health, it is training for good business!