While it would be nice if every decision could be

  followed start to finish exactly as it was intended, one

  of the keys to success is to have a plan B.


  Resilience is critical for life. It is the ability to deal with

  stress and maintain a focus on what is important, to

  find the opportunities, and to maintain cognitive

  control that allows you to manage stress in the real world!


Healthy thinking begins with developing mindfulness skills.  Mindfulness is the ability to pay attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and without judging.


This is a foundational skill because without it, we are reduced to reacting to the circumstances we encounter. Mindful awareness allows us to choose our actions and to cultivate a life that is more satisfying.

Optimists have an interesting advantage over pessimists. Research indicates that pessimists are more realistic thinkers than optimists, but optimists regularly beat the odds!


This happens because optimists assume that when things go well, there is something they are doing that contributes to their good result. Then these optimistic individuals try to do the things they are doing when things go well more often and in more circumstances. The result is they tip the odds that more things will go well for them.

Our training programs are designed to help your organization develop these important skills. This is not just good for your employees, it is good for your business!

This is Healthy Thinking!

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Training in Healthy Thinking for your workforce is more than

training for good health, it is training for good business!